Jacican Food Studio sells a wide variety of preserves, made by me in the Studio using produce fresh from the garden. Feel free to drop by Friday, Saturday or Sunday between 9.00am and 5:00pm for lunch and to view the Jacican range or drop me a line at jaci@jacican.com.au

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Green Tomato Kasoundi
A popular chutney packed with majestic spices, the perfect partner for any curry!
$ 7.50
Curried Zucchini Relish
Super tasty accompanied with cheese on toast. Can also be enjoyed with cold meats like ham and corned beef.
$ 7.50
Tomato Chutney
An old classic that will enhance the most humble sandwich. Adds colour and flavour to all your favourite meat dishes or sandwich... More
$ 7.50
Three Colour Zucchini
Golden yellow, rich green and cool white. Both pretty and punchy at the same time. Delicious!!
$ 7.50
Sweet Black Tomato Fruit Chutney
An exotic and unexpected fruit chutney with a difference. Perfect condiment for your next picnic served with some aged cheddar.
$ 7.50
Green Tomato Relish
A sticky savoury relish that is the perfect accompaniment to any sandwich.
$ 7.50
Beetroot Relish
This ripper relish will liven up any canape, cheese platter and sandwich. Jacican regularly combines this relish with cream chee... More
$ 7.50
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Contains Nuts