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Jacican is your bespoke food experience, a place to learn, share and eat. Join me from 9am - 5pm Friday, Saturday or Sundays for lunch or high tea.

Jacican can host your small private dinner, family get together or work function. I can also tailor make a private class, meal or corporate training event to you or your organisations needs.

Adult cooking classes will take your cooking to the next level. Whether it’s the secret of the perfect macaron, cream torte or even handmade lollies, I can be your guide. I’ll even teach your littlies during my school holiday Kids in the Kitchen classes.

Hello. How are you going?

Lets eat cake

I have met many of you over the last 5ish years that Jacican has been in operation. For me it's been a slow process, starting with only being open for appointment, then on one Sunday a month. In 2015, I started opening every Sunday, with plans to extend open hours as soon as I could. But alas, things always happen in small business, or as I like to call them 'road blocks' occur.

Finally in November 2016, we over came Jacican's largest road block and gained a permit to trade Friday, Saturday and Sunday for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was almost Christmas, so the business discussion was taken to hold off until now, before spreading the words to tell everyone - and I mean everyone - whats happen at Jacican.

So we made this commercial, to be play during Master Chef 2017 on the WINTV network, only for Gippsland (and to feed the internet).

Let me know if you see Jacican anytime this week or over the next 3 weeks on the WIN News Gippsland in either MasterChef Australia or the The Project. I would love it if you could tag someone who would love a cooking classes, share this post, comment (as long as it's nice) or just plain old LIKE it. There will be a Jacican cooking class gift voucher for two up for grabs.

While I was waiting for now to come around, I've been working on new cakes. This also could be called a new way of making the same cakes. This has led me to developing the cakes you will make as part of my domes cooking class. Black forest - with white chocolate mousse on the outside and bright shiny mirror glaze. I've made mine yellow today, but next week it maybe a differnet colour. I will even share with you the secret of how to make your own globe shaped glazed cake, like the one pictured.  

  Berry globe pink glaze

Thanks for watching.


PS I will run this until Thursday 18th of May 2017, once week three of Master Chef AU has finished and randomly selected a name from the shares, comments, like and tags on the 19th of May. There will be a catch, you will have to be able to get your self to Mirboo North on a Saturday afternoon for a cooking class sometime over the following 12 months. This is for over 18 year olds only.


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