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I love to cook, I've always loved to cook.

As a young girl, my time was spent reading the cookbooks that mum kept in the bottom kitchen drawer. Always looking for a new recipe to try, a new food idea. Many weekends were spent making rainbow cakes with as many colours as possible – have you seen my Instagram, not much has changed, and looking for recipes that I could cook using what was available in the cupboard or from the vegetable garden.

At the aged of about 16, I remember stating that I wanted to leave the farm and travel the world. This would be followed by retiring by about 30 and moving back to South Gippsland to grow vegetables and cook. From 16 fast forward 20 years and I returned, starting Jacican Food Studio in Mirboo North, Gippsland where I grow vegetables and cook. This blog is where I share my food adventure.


Thursday 30th April was, I hope, the first of many get-togethers for the businesses in and around Mirboo North at the inaugural Mirboo North Expo. I was there with a display of High Tea, cakes to give away (and taste), as well as cup-cake decorating for the kids. I left the Jacican helpers with the kids and the tastings and I set off around the room (and the foyer and the stage and outside) to meet everyone.

Mirboo North Expo 01  Mirboo North Expo 02  

Joyce (with her ironing board covers) was the first person I spoke to. Believe it or not, I needed a new ironing board. Joyce was able to help me out. I pick up my new (re-conditioned) ironing board this week.

Karen - Town Centre Nursery. This is a shop I seem to spend a lot of time in.

Mirboo North Expo 03  Mirboo North Expo 07

Narelle & Elliyah - Dalliance Chocolate shop. Oh, it's making me want a hot chocolate... That's it, I've hit the "save" key and am on my way. Rhonda - Nature Direct.

  Mirboo North Expo 08  Mirboo North Expo 09 

Caroline - Nutrimetics; Carol - Swan Therapies treating Melissa to a massage.

Mirboo North Expo 12  Mirboo North Expo 14  

Denyse - Menzies & Co P/L, Trophy Manufacturer & Promotional Products; Don - South Gippsland Driver Education with Warren, one of our amazing local paramedics.

Mirboo North Expo 16  Mirboo North Expo 17

Riaha - Jeweller; Dave & Heather - Mirboo North Newsagents.

Mirboo North Expo 21  Mirboo North Expo 23 

Alan - Skinner's Trophies. Frith from The Wren's Nest didn't want her photo taken, so here are some of the goodies they have on offer.

Mirboo North Expo 24  Mirboo North Expo 30  

Eva - the Artisan Store. This is where I go to buy gifts for friends' babies. Mary - Tarwin Veterinary group. Toby & Seaborn get to visit her for their annual (or in Toby's case, six monthly arthritis shots) check up.

Mirboo North Expo 31  Mirboo North Expo 33

Doug & Vincenza - Cafe Escargot. Yes, I ate a snail. Yes, very good. The girls from Mirboo North Phamarcy. One would prefer not to visit them on a regluar basis, as one wishes to be fit and healthy.

Mirboo North Expo 36  Mirboo North Expo 37 

Brian - Grand Ridge Rail Trail, John - Wednesday Warriors (Friends of the Lyrebird Walk) with Paul Evans. Judy from the Lions Club and Lorraine from Mirboo North Senior Citizens.

Mirboo North Expo 38  Mirboo North Expo 39  

Jacican subsriber No 1 - Penny, with Phil and Leonie - Mirboo North Library; Jan - Lions Club of Mirboo North.

Mirboo North Expo 40  Mirboo North Expo 41

Fred - Mirboo North Swimming Pool Committee. Susan - Lock the Gate - NO CSG.

Mirboo North Expo 42  Mirboo North Expo 43 

Derrick - Mirboo North & District Committee Foundation with Graeme - Mirboo North Arts. The crew from Grand Ridge Brewery. At one stage it was three deep with blokes lining up for the pork spare ribs.

Mirboo North Expo 45  Mirboo North Expo 49  

As normal, Ken and John from the Rotary Club of Mirboo North were trying to sell everyone raffle tickets as they walked in the door. I had better win the truck load of wood. 1st Scouts of Mirboo North.

Mirboo North Expo 54  Mirboo North Expo 50

Lindsay - Mirboo North Community Shed. And if someone had told me there was Burger Mamma on offer, I would have been there, but I was so busy talking, I missed out.   

It was a good night. Thanks to Paul, Ken and Andy for putting it all together. Now for the next one, who will I meet?

I was so busy talking that I forgot to take a photo of myself and / or my stand, but you have enough of those. It's fine to share the internet with others.

See you soon.Jaci

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