In line with the products Jacican is selling though the Victorian Country market (VCM) and the Click for Vic campaign, the guest will be able to make the products that they can purchase through VCM

  • Lolly class – musk sticks, gums or pastilles, toffees $115.00

In the lolly making class, the guests will have to work in pairs. Guests will make Jacican sticks, alcoholic gums or fruit pastilles and toffee lollypops.

Guests will cook, then pack their gums or pastilles and toffee lollypops to take home on the day.

Due to the nature of the drying of Jacican sticks, the Jacican sticks will be dried and pack by Jacican staff and delivered as a whole to the lolly class booking address.

  • Preserving – three Jacican preserves $115.00

Guests will make three seasonal preserves, jam, relish and chutney or sauce. What preserves made in the class will be set seasonally and will change from class to class.

The preserve that each guest makes will be presented as if they were a product to be sold. Each product will be labelled with the guest's name, who made the preserve and all ingredients and nutritional panel information. 

  • Macarons – Learn to make macarons $115.00

Make a batch of macarons and their fillings from scratch. Guest will learn to make Italian meringue, chocolate ganache and fruit paste center. Fill and finish your batch of macarons to take home, along with a Jacican Macaron recipe booklet.

Guests will make berry, chocolate salted caramel, peppermint crisp and strawberry bubble-gum macarons. If there are more than four guests, the number of flavours of macarons that guests will make will expand!

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Ends on:11/06/2021 16:00
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