Pastry Classes

As a young girl, I would read the cookbooks that mum kept in the bottom kitchen drawer. As there was always flour, butter, milk, and eggs in the house, I continuously searching for new recipes to bake. As a girl, I would make spend my weekend baking puff pastry to make tarts, creating new versions of candies and baking all the colour rainbow cakes. This is where I got my drive to make perfect French fruit flans. 

I now share this love of baking with you!

Together, we will make pastry from scratch – puff, rough puff, shortcrust, and choux. We will learn that gluten-free baking doesn’t mean sacrificing taste and that you can build your own box of lollies or a croquembouche!

My pastry classes are suitable for everyone – those who are qualified chefs, home cooks, those who do not usually cook or just those who would like to experience what I bake day today. All my pastry classes include cooking, learning, eating and drinking.

If you like, I could design and hold a private pastry class, teaching you any pastry skills that you would like to learn for you and up to 8 guests. This includes macarons, dome desserts, pastries, tarts, lollies or any pastry skills you can think of.  For more information on arranging a private pastry cooking class, please contact Jacican.

30 Jun
h. 13:00

Macaron class 30/06/2024

BOOKED OUT: Make your own batch of Macarons from scratch - They are not as hard as you think!
25 Aug
h. 13:00

Pies, pasties and sausage rolls 25/08/2024

A hands-on class where make your own rough puff and lard pastry. Learn recipes and take-home tips to make your pies, pasties and sausage rolls at home!
21 Sep
h. 13:00

Puff pastry 21/09/2024

A hands-on class, where make puff pastry from scratch.
23 Nov
h. 13:00

Macaron class - Christmas themed - 23/11/2024

BOOKED OUT: Make your own batch of Macarons from scratch - They are not as hard as you think!

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Acknowledgment of country

Hello, I’m Jaci Hicken, from the lands of the Brataualung clan, which is where I’ve spent most of my life.

I would like to acknowledge all of us here today to cook together and share a meal.

I love sharing my dream of growing the food this country has to offer and share it with you.

The traditional place that we come together today is on the lands Gunaikurnai people

And I’d like to pay my respects to our elders past, present, emerging leaders, along with all the young people in our community.

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