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*** Due to Covid-19 health crisis, all Jacican cooking classes have been suspended until further notice ***

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Preserving is seasonal, which is why I make jam when I can.

This first fruit of the year is the berries, peaches, and plums, which means making jam, breaking out the Vacola and lots and lots of my hot plum sauce.

Each year I grow from seed, upwards of 100 tomato plants, all different shapes, sizes, and colours, along with zucchinis and cucumbers. With the fresh young green fruit, relishes are made, followed closely by the long cook chutneys and sauces. Most years it is unlikely you will find a ‘normal’ red tomato in my patch, which has led me to develop Sweet Black Tomato Chutney.

As I come to the end of autumn, quinces appear from the neighbours. Many, many quinces. Jelly and paste are made to serve with cheese or pickled to go with dinner.

The cooler months produce citrus – lemons, orange, limes, and cumquats. Marmalades and butter curd emerge from the kitchen, along with brandy-soaked fruit for a little tipple later. If I’ve had my planting right this is followed by the brassicas, meaning buckets of sauerkrant and kimchi can be found on the kitchen bench.

The start of spring identifies the start of the kitchen garden lifecycle, with the elderflower the first to bloom. By now in the year, I am looking forward, planting next year’s seeds, watching and waiting for the kitchen garden lifecycle to being again for the year.

If you would like to learn about my kitchen garden lifecycle and make your own preserve, join me for one of these very seasonal preserves making cooking classes.

The class is seasonally and can only be offered as a private class for groups of up to 6 guests when seasonal fruit and vegetables are in abundance in the Jacican kitchen garden. For more information on arranging a private class, please contact Jacican.

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