Sunday 10th June 2018

I work really hard to try and adapted the menu at Jacican when asked to suit everyone's dietary needs. back in January, I catered a function for the Southern Business Women's Network - meats & salad (it was a 40-degree day in the Meenyan town hall), followed by a dessert buffet. I know myself and Jacican, is very strong in dessert, so I used the occasion to high light the cakes and desserts Jacican has to offer.

From that function, and because I put some care into making sure everyone was included - all mains were gluten-free and vegetarian and there as a range of dairy free, gluten free, even process sugar-free dessert on offer. This has met that I have been asked to host an event on the Queens Birthday weekend - a dairy free, gluten free High Tea (Saturday).

As I will be making everything dairy free, gluten free for the private event, I have decided to open up the Sunday as Gluten-free, dairy-free High tea for everyone. many of the cake items will be Vegan, as well. Here is the menu ...

Chicken & cashew triangles, roast beef & chutney sandwiches, hummus carrot & beetroot ribbons
garden vegetable frittata & bruschetta
kasoundi chicken
Mothers Day High tea Jacican 2018 011

Yacon & date cake, with caramel & apple crisp (V)
Almond peach pannacotta (V)
Macarons - berry, banana caramel
Chocolate Beetroot Cake
Chocolate Avocado mousse 'nut' cake (V)
Musk sticks

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