I am asking you to pledge for something that seems mundane, a little bit house hold. Why would you support me and my pozible campaign? Who am I to ask?

Jaci Hicken pozible crowdfunder

My name is Jaci Hicken. I am based Mirboo North in South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia (yes, you can find my place on Google), where I have lived for the last 9 and a bit years with a husband I call “Building maintenance & IT”, two dogs, a cat, chickens and a pet goat called Barbara. Before you ask, I forgot to have children.

My life has been a series of zigzags – parents, growing up in South Gippsland, moving away, moving further away, getting my dream job, losing my dream career, re-starting myself (with help from Building Maintenance & IT), training as a chef, working from dish washing up, moving back to South Gippsland, becoming part of a community, starting and finishing a degree, beginning my small business journey and finally back to dish washing.

It seems life has sent me in many directions to end up here, in Mirboo North, where I want to be. This is where I am happiest, happy doing what I love.

Eating, learning, and sharing.


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