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I love to cook, I've always loved to cook.

As a young girl, my time was spent reading the cookbooks that mum kept in the bottom kitchen drawer. Always looking for a new recipe to try, a new food idea. Many weekends were spent making rainbow cakes with as many colours as possible – have you seen my Instagram, not much has changed, and looking for recipes that I could cook using what was available in the cupboard or from the vegetable garden.

At the aged of about 16, I remember stating that I wanted to leave the farm and travel the world. This would be followed by retiring by about 30 and moving back to South Gippsland to grow vegetables and cook. From 16 fast forward 20 years and I returned, starting Jacican Food Studio in Mirboo North, Gippsland where I grow vegetables and cook. This blog is where I share my food adventure.


Kastu kare 01

When you think of Japanese food you probably go straight to sushi or sashimi. However, perhaps the most popular dish of the Japanese people is Kare (curry for you and me).

Introduced to Japan by the British in the late seventeenth to early eighteenth-century curry quickly became popular in restaurants and even the home due to the ease with which it could be prepared.

Due to Japanese cuisine preferring delicate and subtle flavors over the bold and brash aromatic spices that are typical of Indian cuisine, curry in Japan has been adapted to be almost unrecognizable to its contemporaries in India.

Kastu kare 02

It turns out you can get Katsu Kare curry paste in any mainstream supermarket - even in Gippsland. In 2016 as an experiment, course number two of my Curry in a un Hurry dinner was a mild Pork Katsu Kare. A Pork cutlet serve with vegetables and rice, and a mild Kastu Kare sauce


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