Felicity's Mother in laws birthday Walk Amongst the Weeds. 

A hands-on lunch in the Jacican kitchen garden. 

Guests will be guided through the kitchen garden. Each guest will pick weeds, edible flowers, seasonal fruit & vegetables. Each guest will have been given a basket and garden cutters to only use during their visit to Jacican.

On returning to the outdoor kitchen, guests will be guided through what to do with each item they have picked. They will make fresh tea from garden herbs and use their picked products to garnish their meal as the lunch proceeds.

The daily menu will include tasting notes for the produce picked in the kitchen garden during the guests' visit.

  • Tasting plate of Jacican preserves and other Gippsland goodies.
  • It is winter, so if the weather allows it, we will share homemade marshmallows, mulled wine and fresh soup around the fire pit. 
  • EntrĂ©e - Depends on the seasonal menu, but entree is normally individual plates and serves of a dish that the dinners have prepared together. 
  • Mains: Seasonal meals prepared from the Jacican kitchen garden and produce from Gippsland farmers and producers, served on shared platters. 
  • Coming out of the vegetable garden in August may be cauliflower, kale, leafy greens, oranges, lemons, broccoli, and herbs.
  • Palate Cleanser of seasonal fruits and herbs - white peaches and blood lime. 
    • Dessert, a Jaci specialty - It could be a fresh cake, dome dessert or a seasonal surprise. 
    • For dessert, maybe raspberry domes with fresh raspberry sorbet, hazelnut praline, and fresh flowers. 
  • Tea, coffee, hot beverage
  • One Glass of Gippsland wine is served with the meal.
  • For this lunch, this translates to a bottle of red and a bottle of white wine included. 

Extra Wine, spirits, and beer are served at bar prices.

Walk amongst the weeds cooking classes can be adapted to meet any dietary requirement, including gluten-free and vegan. The menu for Walk amongst the weeds will be the same for all guests in each booking.

Event Details

Reservations Until:20/08/2024 00:00
Starts on:22/08/2024 11:00
Ends on:22/08/2024 15:00


$ 125.00
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